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What kinds of doors are there and where do I obtain them?

Please select wooden doors at a manufacturer closeby. Quality and looks are to be had in a vast variety. The door should be 40mm thick and – because of costs – 610, 735, 860,985, 1110 or 1235mm wide. These are standard measurements and thus a far better bargain than special widths. A “normal” room sliding door has a height of 1985 or 2110mm. These are also standard measurements in Germany. It goes without saying that serofiPRODUCT are also available for any other measurements. You can also obtain glass doors through serofiPRODUCTS, and you will find a selection in the online-shop. Your individual design requests can be considered there as well. Standard widths: same as for wooden doors. For the clamping version, the height should be 1955 or 2080mm, for the glueing version it should be 1994 or 2119mm (standard heights). For better orientation, see “Construction measurements” under the heading “Service” in the “Sliding door manual”. All measurements are here described in detail once again.

The heights result from the two different standard heights possible for lintels in Germany (either 2005 or 2130mm). These are the smallest possible measurements; however, a tolerance of 20mm is permissible. To be sure, you should measure the wall cutting. All measurements outside these limits (i.e. 2005 – 2025 and 2130 – 2150mm) would mean special heights.

With wooden doors, an 18mm deep and 8mm wide slit has to be made on the bottom side. This can be done with a manual circular saw or milling cutter.

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