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What is so unique about a serofiPRODUCTS fitting?

Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use individual castors/carts. After many years of tests and experience, the final result was this function and design version. The patent-protected running chain resulted in deciding advantages. Until today, the cross section slit of only 7mm is still unequalled in our field. serofiPRODUCTS uses special running areas, making the fitting extremely low-noise and durable – there is hardly any wear and tear. The attachments are completely integrated into the running track and are invisible from the outside. Rather than again and again adding on to a long-existing system, serofiPRODUCTS preferred to create a completely new system which can meet all the requirements for the perfection we desire. This has also convinced leading door manufacturers. With their sliding doors, they have confidence in our technology and sell their products under their own labels.

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